About Me

I will add here, to be rid of it once and for all: rarely can anyone have been so thoroughly angered by his last name as I was throughout my whole life. That was stupid, of course, but it was so. Each time I entered some school or met persons to whom I owed an accounting because of my age, in short, every little teacher, tutor, inspector, priest, anybody you like, they would ask my last name and, on hearing that I was Dolgoruky, would inevitably find it somehow necessary to add:
“Prince Dolgoruky?”
And each time I was obliged to explain to all these idle people:
“No, simply Dolgoruky.”
This simply began, finally, to drive me out of my mind. I will note with that, as a phenomenon, that I do not recall a single exception: everybody asked. Some of them seemingly had no need at all to ask; who the devil could have any need of it, I’d like to know? But everybody asked, everybody to a man. – Arkady Dolgoruky in The Adolescent.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So you are a self-confessed drug addict.

    As with all addictions you are thus slowly and surely destroying your health.

    Plus I notice that you have no references to either Art or Beauty on your site.

    Religion without Sacred Art and by extension, a celebration of The Beautiful is a very dismal affair–an abomination even.

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